Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun With The Hose

Fun With The Hose

Luke Joe and John were blazing hot. Joe suggests that they get into there togs and have a water fight.
They get into their togs and they dart outside, suddenly Luke grasped the dark green hose and screamed “WATER FIGHT” He twists it on and squirts them till they are soaking. "I will get revenge!" John screams as the ice cold water nearly knocks him over. The water is turned off and they race each other to the concrete veranda, it was boiling- just the better to talk and kill themselves laughing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our school information report


Pakuranga Heights School is found in Pakuranga Auckland. It is a primary school for year 0 to year 6 students.

Outdoor Areas

Our school includes 3 playgrounds, a field, an astro turf and 2 hard surface courts. This provides more space and room for lots of sports teams to practise and complete.


There are also great opportunities such as the choir, the dance group, and great sport teams! But one of the best celebrations that happens every two years is the cultural evening. This helps us with our learning, working with other people and experiencing new things and competing.   

Awards and Acknowledge

Pakuranga Heights School is the best school ever! It has awards and prizes to give out such as the Top Kids awards , certificates, valerie bees, enviro bees and much more! We do this because when kids get an award they will want to do it all over again! but the best thing about it is, it makes us want to learn more, have good behavior and use our manners. Will you send your child to a school like us now?

Trip Thank You Letter

Room 20
Pakuranga Heights School
77 Udys Road

Dear Mrs Lin

My name is Tina, I would like to thank you for helping on our three trips. If we hadn't had your help then all this would not have happened, (either it was Te Tuhi, Konini School  or the library)

I learnt that some pets like cats and dogs are pests. The last thing I learnt was the long finned eels go from here all the way to Tonga to give birth but they are ending up in the drains.

Once again I would like to thank you for all your help because we needed all the help we could get.

Yours sincerely